Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Downstream


[su_spoiler title=”What are the requirements for establishing petrol filling stations (Retail outlets) in Nigeria?” style=”fancy”]

Ans:   The guidelines for the construction and approval of filling stations (retail outlets) can be downloaded from “Licences and Permits” link on the DPR website.


[su_spoiler title=”What are the requirements for granting waivers for constructing retail outlets when distances between the proposed site and an existing retail outlet is less than 400 metres?” style=”fancy”]

Ans:  The Department does not entertain requests for such waivers, but you may wish to officially write and make a case to the Director, DPR Headquarters, 7 KoAbayomi Street, Lagos


[su_spoiler title=”How do I report an erring filling station that sells petroleum products above stipulated government prices and/or under-dispense petroleum products?” style=”fancy”]

Ans:   Alert the Operations Controller or the nearest DPR office or contact the Head of Public Affairs, Ms. Dorothy Bassey Tel. 0805 609 9175 or email:


[su_spoiler title=”Where can I get the forms required for kerosene or diesel peddling?” style=”fancy”]

Ans:   Visit the nearest DPR office and request for “Kerosene peddling application form”. For the peddling of gasoline (PMS) and diesel (AGO) as a service provider, you should visit the DPR website and apply through the “OGISP” platform as an Industry Service Provider.


[su_spoiler title=”Where do I get the guidelines for the establishment of a petroleum refinery?” style=”fancy”]

Ans:    The “guidelines for the establishment of hydrocarbon processing plants (petroleum refineries and petrochemicals) in Nigeria” can be downloaded from the “Licences and Permits” link on the DPR website.


[su_spoiler title=”Where do I confirm the authenticity of the attached “Certificate of Quantity” supplied to my partners for purchase of crude from a Nigerian company?” style=”fancy”]

Ans:   The DPR DOES NOT facilitate or deal in crude oil sales “Crude Oil Marketing” Division NNPC may be contacted in this regard.


[su_spoiler title=” I do not have a depot for storage of petroleum products, but want to import PMS into Nigeria, what do I do?” style=”fancy”]

Ans:   You cannot import PMS without owning a products depot and possessing an allocation letter from the Petroleum Products Pricing and Regulatory Agency (PPPRA).


[su_spoiler title=”What is the procedure for the importation of diesel to Nigeria?” style=”fancy”]

Ans:  The requirements for the importation of petroleum products can be downloaded from the “Licenses and Permits” link on the DPR website.